Work with me

I'm an independent web accessibility consultant, available for hire for short and long term work.

What I do

My background is in software engineering and for the last few years web accessibility. Not all work fits neatly into one of the following categories, so feel free to reach out if you've got an upcoming project.

Accessibility testing

I can perform rigorous testing of websites and web apps against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), European standards, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and common best practices. I take care to report my findings in a developer-friendly, plain English way.

Previous work includes;

  • Testing proposed changes to a design system for use on the web.
  • Recommending improvements to a web app which was designed to work like desktop software and included some complex interfaces.
  • A structured audit of an open source application against WCAG 2.1, which included a series of complex user pathways.

Guidance and Coaching

I work with existing teams to make accessibility part of their everyday work building products for the web. Often, this involves meeting with members like frontend developers, designers and product managers to help them understand where accessibility fits into their work.

Previous work includes;

  • Regular work with a team building a web service, which involved guiding two team members through understanding and acting on a recent accessibility audit.

How I do it

I take on short and long term work remotely. I mostly work in European timezones, but can usually be available to talk during some of the business day in North America when necessary.

Most work is done asynchronously.

Reporting is done in English, though I can also work reviewing material in Finnish and Swedish.

Short-term work

Short-term work lasts less than a month, usually two to four working days. It is usually agreed about two weeks in advance.

If we don't have a relationship already, I use Upwork's Direct Contracts as an Escrow service.

Long-term work

Long-term work usually means joining the same team for a fixed amount of time every week. This is useful for complex, sustained projects when there's a need to develop the skills and processes in the team.

For the time being, I can only accept less than full-time equivalent long-term work.

Let's talk

If you have a project I might be interested in, or you have questions, please drop me an email.